About Us

The influence and importance of valve disease is increasing and yet the subject remains under-represented. The British Heart Valve Society was therefore formed at the start of 2010.Its purpose is to improve the care of patients with heart valve disease within the British Isles by increasing awareness and knowledge. There are four main types of activity:

  1. Meetings
  2. Articles
  3. Research
  4. Working groups

Membership is open to all disciplines involved with the science and clinical care of heart valve disease. This includes, in alphabetical order: bioengineers, cardiac nurses, cardiac surgeons, cardiologists, general practitioners, geneticists, haematologists, health economists, managers, microbiologists, pathologists, physiologists, public health physicians, and sonographers.

The Society is officially associated with the British Cardiovascular Society (BCS) and endorsed by the Society of Cardiothoracic Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland (SCTS). We have an interim Council and officers, and will aim to set up elections as soon as practicable. The council is:

  • Mr Norman Briffa (President)
  • Dr Madalina Garbi (Secretary)
  • Mr Andrew Kennedy (Treasurer)
  • Professor Simon Ray
  • Professor Philip MacCarthy
  • Professor John Chambers
  • Mr Andrew Chukwuemeka (SCTS representative)
  • Dr Dominik Schlosshan
  • Dr Gerry McCann (VRG)
  • Dr Brian Campbell (SCST representative)
  • Dr Benoy Shah

BHVS Committees

Reseach Committee

  • Gerry McCann (Chair)
  • Simon Ray
  • John Chambers
  • NIHR
  • Phil MacCarthy

Communication Committee

  • Sanjeev Bhattacharyya (Chair)
  • Guy Lloyd
  • John Chambers
  • Richard Bazneh
  • Benoy Shah

Programme Committee

  • Guy Lloyd (Chair)
  • John Chambers
  • Brian Campbell