The purpose of articles will be to increase awareness of heart valve disease, report research or present position statements. The format will range from editorials to descriptive articles to formal reports, and the outlet will range from peer-review journals to websites.

Position statements may arise from education meetings or working groups or be written de novo. Articles may also be commissioned by Council.

For an article to appear on behalf of the Group it is presented, initially electronically, to all members of Council.  It will be ratified, if approved, by at least 50% of Council, with no strong objection by any member. Minor amendments may be suggested.  If there is any strong objection or if ratification is felt to be contingent on a significant change to an article, which the authors are unwilling to make, the article will be discussed either at the next Council meeting or within a smaller working group convened specifically by Council.

We commission or ratify articles designed to increase awareness of heart valve disease.  Articles published on behalf of the society include:

1. Chambers J. Introduction to the British Heart Valve Society reviews. Int J Clin Pract  2014;68:1179-1180. Click Here

2. Rayner J, Coffey S, Newton J, Prendergast B. Aortic valve disease.Int J Clin Pract  2014;68:1209-1215. Click Here

3. Ray R, Chambers J. Mitral Valve Disease. Int J Clin Pract  2014;68:1216-1220. Click Here.

4. Coffey S, Rayner J, Newton J, Prendergast B. Right-sided valve disease. Int J Clin Pract  2014;68:1221-1226.

5. Chambers J. Prosthetic heart valves. Int J Clin Pract  2014;68:1179-1180. Click Here

6. Bhattacharyya S, Pavitt C, Lloyd G, Chambers JB. Provision, Organisation & Models Of Heart Valve Clinics Within The United Kingdom. QJM 2014. Click Here.

7. Chambers JV, Shah BN, Prendergast B, Lawford PV, McCann GP, Newby DE, Ray S, Briffa, N, Shanson D, Lloyd G, Hall R; on behalf of the British Heart Valve Society. Valvular heart disease: a call for global collaborative research initiatives. Heart 2013. Epublished ahead of print. Click here

8. Chambers JB, Ray S, Prendergast B, Taggart D, Westaby S, Grothier L, Arden C, Wilson J, Campbell B, Sandoe J, Gohlke-Barwolf C, Mestres CA, Rosenhek R, Otto C. Specialist valve clinics: recommendations from the British Heart Valve Society working group on improving quality in the delivery of care for patients with heart valve disease. Heart 2013. Epublished ahead of print. click here 

9. Chambers JB, Dayer M, Prendergast BD, Sandoe J, Westaby S, Thornhill M; on behalf of the British Heart Valve Society. Beyond the antibiotic prophylaxis of infective endocarditis: the problem of dental surveillance. Heart 2013; 99:363-4.

10. Chambers J, Lloyd G, Rimington HM, Parkin D, Hayes AM, Baldrock-Apps G, Topham A. The case for a specialist multidisciplinary valve clinic.  J Heart Valve Disease 2012; 21: 1-4.

11.Dayer MJ, Chambers JB, Prendergast B, Sandoe JAT, Thornhill MH. NICE guidance on antibiotic prophylaxis to prevent infective endocarditis: a survey of clinicians’ attitudes QJM 2013; 106: 237-243.

12. McCann GP, Steadman CD, Ray SG, Newby DE on behalf of the British Heart Valve Society.  Managing the asymptomatic patient with severe aortic stenosis: randomised controlled trials of early surgery are overdue. Heart 2011;97: 1119-1121.

13. d’Arcy JL, Prendergast BL, Chambers JB, Ray SG, Bridgewater B. Valvular heart disease: the next cardiac epidemic. Heart 2011; 97: 91-93. Published Online First: 13 December 2010 doi:10.1136/hrt.2010.205096.

14. Chambers J, Shanson D, Hall R, Venn G, Pepper J, McGurk M. Antibiotic prophylaxis of endocarditis: the rest of the world and NICE. J Roy Soc Med 2011; 104: 138-40.  If you do not have a subscription to the Journal of  the Royal Society of Medicine you can view the final draft after peer-review here. The definitive version, detailed above, is available online at

15. Anyanwu AC, Bridgewater B, Adams DH. The lottery of mitral valve repair surgery.  Heart 2010; 96 (24): 1964-7.

16. Chambers J, Dayer M, Prendergast B, Sandoe J, Westaby S, THornhill M. Beyond the antibiotic prophyxlis of infective endoarditis: the problem of dental surveillance. Heart doi: 10.1136/heartjnl-2012-302965

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