Patient information


These are draft information leaflets.  They have been written by cardiologists with some guidance from patients.  However we want to have as much feed-back from patients as possible so that the leaflets covers real concerns. Please email your comments to : 

1) Did the leaflets answer your questions or concerns?

2) We would value general comments.  For example is the English too technical on occasion?

3) We also want to hear about specific questions or worries you may have had at various stages:

– Initial detection of a murmur

– On referral to a cardiologist

– When you heard that surgery was necessary

– Around the time of surgery

– In the first few weeks after surgery

– Later after surgery

– Were there any ‘pearls of wisdom’ or advice that helped you ?

What is heart valve disease ?

Download (PDF, 422KB)


How valve disease can affect you

Download (PDF, 403KB)


Treating heart valve disease

Download (PDF, 421KB)


The British Heart Valve Society are in the process of developing the Patient Resources section on our website.

If you do have any heart related questions or concerns then you can contact the British Heart Foundation Helpline on:

0300 330 3311