Imaging subspeciality trainee with interest in echo, TOE and cardiac MRI.
Departmental lead for diagnostic imaging including e
Echocardiography service
Diagnosis and Management
Clinical care of patients with known/suspected valve disease, clinical cardiology
MD with thesis on embolism after valve replacement Imaging for TAVI programme Intraoperative TOE for MV repair DSE in patients with valve disease
Consultant cardiologist with subspecialty interest in cardiac imaging. Lead Consultant for echocardiography across the Trust, including assessment of heart valve disease by TTE, TOE and stress echocardiography. Running of technician-led valve service. Also involved in assessment of heart valve disease using other imaging modalities including cardiovascular CT and cardiac MRI,.
Cardiology on-calls PhD in Myocardial fibrosis secondary to pressure overload
Imaging cardiologist and supervisor of valve clinic
Surgery for valve disease with a particular interest in aortic and aortic vascular surgery.
GP with interest in cardiology. Perform echos including valve follow-up.
Valve patients
Imaging Trainee TTE BSE accredited Working towards BSE TOE accreditation PhD involving aortic stenosis Logbook submitted for SCMR / Euro CMR accreditation
Set up and run physiologist led valve clinic at the hospital I work at
Cardiology SpR with transthoracic BSE accreditation. I look after valve disease patients in clinic and on the wards during my clinical work and am involved in echo and MRI imaging.
Evaluating and management of patients with heart valve disease in a multidisciplinary setting
Perform full echocardiographic studies on adults with suspected and know valve disease. Also post op studies to assess valve repare and replacement. I am hopingto be part of 2015 Echo in Africia where I will be a member of a team screening young adults for heart disease particulaly valvular disease.
CMR and Cardiac CT including TAVI assessment.
- Consultant Cardiologist, University Hospital Southampton - Subspecialty interest in cardiac imaging, in particular echocardiology. British and European accreditations in transthoracic and transoesohphageal echocardiography. - BHVS COUNCIL MEMBER SINCE OCTOBER 2012. BHVS Programme Committee Chair since 2016
Research on development of a new generation heart valves
Echocardiography and assessment of valve patients
SCST Chair of Standards
Service lead in echocardiography
Clinical Lead for Specialist Valve Service. I receive referrals from within and outside the region. we perform advanced investigations and our work involves a joint team approach including pulmonary vascular disease unit, cardiac transplant , cardiac surgeons interventional structural heart and EP cardiologists alo g with imaging cardiologists.
settng up tech led echo valve clinics
Have a weekly Valve Clinic. Investigate and refer for surgical treatment of valve disease. Special interest in Infective Endocarditis.
Lead for echocardiographer led valve clinics
Structural intervention Valve imaging
Perform adult transthoracic echocardiograms for NHS trusts.
Lead Sonographer at Northern General Hospital Coordinator of Sonographer Led Valve clinic
TTE, TOE, Valve stress echo, Infective endocarditis
I see a lot of valve disease in my work and am about to start a dedicated valve clinic.
Running of community echo clinics ,GP surgery. Presently participating in HF research at St. Thomas Hospital. Participating as a volunteer in the Echo in Africa, BSE humanitarian project in rheumatic valvular disease., taking place in Cape Town,South Africa. We shall be screening about 2000 secondary school students for early signs of rheumatic valvular heart disease..
Cardiac Sister working with Professor John Chambers and Helen Rimington at Guy's & St Thomas' Hospital NHS Trust.
I am a cardiac ultrasound application specialist for London & south east at Philips healthcare. As part of my responsibilities at Philips I do demonstrations of how to optimally use Philips ultrasound equipment to assess various heart conditions including heart valve disease. In addition to that I am a BSE accredited (BSE 5733) cardiac physiologist doing Saturday locum echo lists at Homerton University hospital in London. My background is a cardiac physiologist.
Communications Committee Chair of the BHVS. Consultant Cardiologist - Guy's and St Thomas' Hospitals
Running and reorganizing Heart Valve Clinic
Cardiologist in training, interest in valvular heart disease
Run Valve clinic Imaging lead for TAVI
Website Technical Support Administrator
Diagnosis, intervention, research
Interest in specialising in Cardiology
I am a cardiology trainee in the East midlands deanery. I have completed ST6 and have finished my first year of interventional training. I am currently out of programme undertaking a higher degree (MD) investigating patients with aortic valve disease. I have from the days of ST3 had a keen interest in structural heart disease. In 2013, I spent 2 weeks with Alain Cribier in Rouen, France learning about his approach to TAVI. I then went on and presented a case of rheumatic MS in a pregnant lady treated by emergency PTMC at an International American conference (C3) in Florida in 2014 and this year, May 2015, having performed and presented as an abstract (at SCAI 2015 in San Diego) a project about minimally invasive TAVI. I have chosen to do my MD on the topic of Aortic Stenosis because of my continued passion for structural heart disease.
NTN Specialty registrar Cardiothoracic surgery
I run a valve clinic and a TOE list and review all direct access echos.
I supervise exercise tests in valve patients to estimate peak cardiac output and cardiac power as an adjunct for timing of intervention.
Research particularly Aortic stenosis Clinical Imaging
Valve Clinics
Exposure through specialty training First had experience with mitral valver repair surgery
Cardiac Physiologist
Echocardiographer, team member in TAVI procedures. Survivor of the original STP intake (2011 - and there were 6 of us) and now registered with the HCPC as a Clinical Scientist.
Cardiac Physiologist. Scanning acutely in Hospital and in the community. Interested in Physiologist led valve clinics.
General cardiology involved with diagnosis and treatment of all types of valve disease. TAVI operator
I have specialist interest congenital heart disease and currently a trainee and also involved in valve clinics with Dr Freeman and the NNUH
MD,Ph.D,FRCP,FACC Lead of Valvular Heart Disease & Carcinoid Heart Disease Units ,Royal Free Hospital,London Lead of Valvular Heart Disease and carcinoid heart Disease,Royal Free Hospital,London ( participation of cardiologists/surgeons from The Heart ,St Bartholomew's and London Chest Hospitals)
Assessing valve structure and function performing echocardiograms.
Imaging consultant with expertise in 3D TOE and valve assessments Experience in the Imperial transcatheter valve programme - TAVI and Mitraclip.
President of the British Heart Valve Society
Involved in all aspects of diagnostic echocardiography, interventional echocardiography and peri-operative TOE.
I am the buyer for Heart Valves here at NHS Supply Chain, managing the Heart Valves framework. I currently work with a selection of Trusts to help them obtain the best value for the range of heart valves that they use along with driving savings inline with the Trust's cost improvement program.
Involved in the structural valve programme at King's College. Perform transcatheter aortic and mitral interventions. Perform transoesophageal echocardiography (2D and 3D)
I am based in an adult cardiac ultrasound department. I am also involved with a sonographer led valve clinic.
I run a sonographer led valve clinic
Daily involvement in diagnosis and management of VHD
Perfoming and reporting transthoracic echocardiography. Involment in Transoesphogael echocardiography. Angiography of patients with valve disease.
Diagnosis and mangement of heart valve disease Lead in echocardiography
Diagnosing, Treating, Prevention and Research
cardiothoracic anaesthetist and need to update my echo skills and management of valve disease in a perioperative settings
Valvular heart disease is a important part of my clinical work.
1. Desighn and validate 3D printed valve models 2. Insilico simulation of valve hemodynamics using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and fluid structure interaction (FSI)
Structural heart disease specialist Interventional cardiologist
Consultant Cardiologist at UHSM and communications secretary for the BHVS. I have a special interest in echocardiography, Cardiac MRI and structural/valvular heart disease. I have completed a Fellowship in non-invasive Cardiac Imaging at MonashHeart in Melbourne and an MD at the University of Leeds investigating the use of CMR in patients with aortic stenosis.
General Cardiologist with an interest in echocardiography and valve disease Echocardiography lead at Prince Charles Hospital
I am the OxVALVE Clinical Research Manager, providing cover for Jo Wilson while she's on maternity leave. I have a strong background in clinical research, being a registered nurse and full member (MICR) of the Institute of Clinical Research. My Line Manager is Dr Prendergast, at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust.
Large adult congenital heart population which includes congenital valve problems dedicated ACHD clinic 3 per week dedicated congenital valve clinic monthly dedicated Marfan clinic monthly undertake majority of pre operative assessments (angios/toe/CT/MRI) for colleagues and discuss at valve mdt
Am the imaging lead at this small DGH. Run valve clinics and oversee TOE service.
Seeing clinic patients and performing echocardiography on heart valve patients
Basic and Clinical Research Clinical Investigation Imaging Research
Consultant cardiologist with an interest in imaging, heart failure and valve disease.
consultant cardiologist running a valve clinic and a valve stress echo service
Heavily involved in diagnosis, investigation and management on valve disease using echo, CT and CMR Clinical Fellow in Multimodality Cardiac Imaging with significant workload being valve disease Acute and chronic, inpatient and outpatient management of valve disease
cardiology clinic echo MDT
Hold 2 valve clinics per week Interested in all aspects of echocardiography
I am actively involved in our structural heart disease programme including TAVI procedures. I personally perform all types of Echo studies in many patients with valve disease. I perform peri-operative TOE in patients undergoing valve surgery. I am a regular participant and contributor to our Valve MDT meetings. I am a Director of PCR London Valves. I have published and lectured extensively on valve disease.
Sharon Burns I run the Valve Clinic at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. I am the lead clinician for the GP's running community valve clinics.
I manage many patients with valve disease.
General cardiology
Specialist interest in echo. Planning on setting up heart valve surveillance clinics.
Cardiologist with interest in echocardiograhy / valve disease
Pre, peri and post-operative management of surgical valve patients. This includes pre, intra and post-operative echo' assesment.
Performs echocardiography for Valve clinic/ valve consultant specialist
Consultant Cardiologist with a special interest in cardiac imaging (Echo, Cardiac MRI, CT) Runs the Nottingham specialist heart valve clinic
R&D of novel oral anticoagulants for patients with prosthetic heart valves.
Consultant cardiologist with subspecialty interest in CMR, DSE, TTE/TOE, cardiomyopathies and valvular heart disease.
Diagnosis and regular follow up of valvular heart disease. Transthoracic and transoesophageal assessment of valvular heart disease. UHSM valve surveillance clinic. (Middle Grade Cardiology UHSM under Dr A.Macnab, Prof S.Ray)
Lead echocardiography department and perform regular TOE, stress echocardiography
GPSI in Cardiology I work in a Community based Cardiac Service providing Clinical assessment & Echocardiography including monitoring of mild & Modaerate Valve disease- Diagnosis & management of heart failure
Operative management and molecular mechanisms of valvular heart disease
Management and imaging of patients with valvular heart disease.
Run a sonographer led valve clinic
TTE and TOE Echocardiography Valve clinic
Consultant Heart Surgeon who carries out heart valve surgery
Chief echocardiographer for Dr Madalina Garbi's valve clinic at Kings College Princess Royal University Hospital
perform and teach structural diseases imaging
Clinical lead for cardiac imaging and valve assessment
Sub Specialty interest
Currently setting up a sonographer-led surveillance clinic due to commence on 25/2/13.
TAVI operator
GPSI Cardiology
I see patient in clinic and perform echocardiograms to assess valve disease severity
Consultant Cardiologist dealing with various valvle lesions
Lead for echo Lead for endocarditis Expertise in valve disease
I am a consultant cardiologist with a subspecialty interest in cardiac imaging. My main interests are echocardiography and nuclear cardiology. I work in a tertiary cardiac surgical centre and provide much of the echo assessment for patients including perioperative transoesophageal echo. I also perform stress echocardiogram which often includes valve patients with aortic stenosis and mitral regurgitation. I have been a member of the British Society of echocardiography education committee for several years and have helped to write a number of guidelines and protocols on valve disease.
Mainly long standing interest in mitral balloon valvuloplasty in UK and Sudan
Interest in structural heart disease. Recently completed an OOPE Fellowship in TAVI at King's College Hospital, London. Previously involved in Mitraclip programme. I have an interest in the diagnosis and assessment of patients with valvular heart disease and perform valve clinics.
Cardiothoracic surgeon with a sub-specialist interest in mitral valve surgery and trans-catheter valve therapies.
I am a cardiologist sub-specialising in cardiac imaging, performing both advanced echocardiography and cardiac magnetic resonance imaging. I work in a district general hospital with regular clinical exposure to valve disease. I perform advanced echo studies in valve disease, including 3D imaging (TTE and TOE) and stress assessments. I am the trust lead for echocardiography,
clinical involvement - involved in treatment of patients with valvular heart disease - referrals, outpatient/inpatients, part of TAVI team, member of multidisciplinary valve team research involvement - research project in patient with aortic stenosis, remodelling after valve implantation, predictors of outcome, role of biomarkers
Clinical and research
As imaging cardiologist I'm involved in the assessement of the patients with valve disease who require surgery.
Management of in- an out-patients with valve disease Routine echocardiography Valve surveillance clinic Stress testing in valve disease
Head of Echo with oversight of theatres and ITU as well as diagnostics and cath lab echo. Supervision of Valve clinic. Pre, peri and post op assessment of valve patients. Involved in valve research.
Lead physiologist running physiologist led valve surveillance clinics
Technical Head of Echocardiography
Significant clinical practice over many years, and 10 years' research in valve disease and the integration with imaging, particularly cardiovascular magnetic resonance
General Cardiologist with interest in valve disease, echocardiography, heart failure and exercise physiology
Echocardiographer with interest in running valvular screening clinics.
I'm very interested in valve disease. I have trained in echocardiography with Prof Mark Monaghan at Kings College Hospital for the last 5 years. I'm experienced and interested in particular in TOE monitoring of structural interventions and perioperative TOE. I have learnt the principle of Valve stress echocardiography with Dr Madalina Garbi. My current job is locum Consultant Cardiologist Lead of Imaging at Croydon University Hospital; my commitments include leadership of the echo department and develop of the valve clinic.
TAVI operator
Clinical and research interests in the treatment of valve disease
Provide theatre TOE cover, which includes pre and post-op assessment of valve disease.
Surgical management, Investigations and Research
Regular exposure to transthoracic echo/TOE and stress echo Inpatient and outpatient work looking after patients with valvular heart disease
I am a Senior Registrar in Cardiovascular Medicine with an interest in Adult congenital heart disease (ACHD/GUCH) & Cardiac imaging. Following completion of my Basic specialist training (BST) in General/Internal Medicine from RCPI, i have completed my core cardiology & GIM training. I worked as Senior SPR in ACHD, Pulmonary hypertension & Heart failure at National Heart and Lung Institute, Royal Brompton Hospital London for the last 2 years. I am currently working as a Research Fellow in Cardiovascular Medicine (OxVALVE Study) at John Radcliffe Hospital Oxford & i am also pursuing DPhil in Cardiovascular Medicine from University of Oxford.
tertiary centre involvement
Cardiac surgery resident involved in repair/ replacement of all four valves
Leads the imaging department - Echocardiography and cardiac MRI Member of Heart valve team Runs a prosthetic valve clinic Council member of British Society of Echocardiography organiser of several national courses involving valve disease - core traning in echocardiography, advanced imaging, Nottingham 3D forum
Cardiologist with an interest in echo and valve disease
Cardiothoracic surgical trainee
Research on Aortic valve disease
Specialist interestin infectiv endocarditis and NEEMO Study
Community GPwSI
Perioerative Care and TOE

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