Membership is open to all disciplines involved with the science and clinical care of heart valve disease. This includes, in alphabetical order: bioengineers, cardiac nurses, cardiac surgeons, cardiologists, general practitioners, geneticists, haematologists, health economists, managers, microbiologists, pathologists, physiologists, public health physicians, and sonographers.

The subscription is £50. Benefits include:

  1. Reduced cost for registration to symposia, other than those held at the Royal Society of Medicine
  2. Engagement with an exciting new initiative to improve patient care
  3. Ability to run for membership of Council
  4. Ability to be involved in BHVS training events, research projects and publications
Access to the members section of the BHVS website:
  1. Access to all symposium slides presented at BHVS meetings
  2. Access to the BHVS journal watch that reports upon the latest publications in heart valve disease
  3. Access to the case-in-point series 
  4. Access to the members list
  5. Access to the website forum to discuss important topics related to heart valve disease
  6. Access to the key reference bibliography in heart valve disease
  7. Access to heart valve disease e-learning modules
  8. Access to heart valve disease historical archives
  9. Access to the members resources section
  10. Access to the BHVS recommended syllabus for heart valve disease
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